At Springfield Deer Farm, we pride ourselves on offering the finest quality Fallow Deer in Tasmania. Our venison is harvested from deer that have spent their lives feasting on the rich slopes of the Meander Valley. The complex flavours of the meat do not need to be dressed up with a variety of strong seasonings. Apart from its robust and complex flavour, fallow deer is low in fat, high in protein, and stacked with vitamins and iron. Fallow deer are primarily grazers, preferring grass and forbs, but may also eat twigs and evergreen needles in winter. They also have a sweet tooth for apple and carrot.

There are Over 600 deer that roam freely over 130 acres allowing us to harvest around 260 deer annually, providing top quality, unique, healthy and satisfying meat to our customers.

Fallow deer, considered the finest textured and most tender of available venison, is processed in our own abattoir and properly aged. The venison that we sell makes it the obvious choice for that special dinner.
Whether you have enjoyed high-quality venison in restaurants and are aiming to recreate that pleasure, or are interested in trying something new, contact us.  We are committed to providing you with a unique and exotic dining experience.

Telephone: (0477) 432 907